Kristie – Has achieved a total body and lifestyle transformation (see testimonials for evidence). Significant weight loss underpinned by a huge commitment to training both in and outside of the studio. This combined with a dramatically improved diet has helped her achieve the results she has worked so hard for and so richly deserves.



Charlie – Sheffield’s finest Chef (Peppercorn Restaurant) in the studio. Charlie has seen dramatic improvements to both his strength, exercise technique and aerobic capacity, every session is 100% effort.


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Grace – Pretty new to the studio but already making phenomenal progress towards her goals. Absolute joy to train as she has a natural aptitude for picking up training techniques. She’s even giving advice to others in her gym now!



Mark – Being a regular cyclist Mark was already pretty fit when he came to train with Bison Personal Fitness. We have worked a lot on his upper body strength to give him a better muscular balance. Due to his occupation Mark had a very limited range of movement in his shoulders. Through a big emphasis on stretching and mobility his shoulder strength and range of motion have improved dramatically.


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Kim РThe facial expressions say it all, loves a tear up in the studio and the sessions are always high intensity to reflect her exceptional fitness levels. She has seen huge improvements in upper body strength since she started her programme.