Packages and Pricing

Session rates Details 1 hour session price
1st session at the studio HALF THE SINGLE SESSION RATE!! normally this session is a familiarisation exercise. Trying out the studio and me as a trainer to see if both are a good fit for you!! £15
Single session Training focused on your goals. As part of the session I’ll offer advice and guidance on how to put training routines together to help you achieve your goals. £30
Joint session Train as a pair. These sessions involve a lot of supersetting of exercises. (It is advised that in these sessions attendees have similar fitness levels to ensure an intense session for both participants) £35
10 session package Again, all of the following can be included in this package, but what’s included is up to you:

·         10 training sessions

·         Fitness testing

·         Home workout plan

·         Nutritional advice and meal suggestions

·         Food diary, analysis and recommendations

·         Behavioral analysis (An opportunity to look at your attitude and behaviors to nutrition and exercise, work out what works well, what doesn’t. Focused on changing long term behaviors)

·         Weigh ins, body measurements and before and after photos